We are making a special appeal for support in our Church Mission which will be taking desperately needed food,clothes,and shoes etc to isolated and poverty stricken villages all over Slovakia.

Our charity founder Patrick McDonnell says -we have been made aware of the terrible living conditions and hardship these people are facing,there is no fresh water and electricity.

We need help with donations of childrens clothes and shoes for all ages,as well as adults.we also need hats,gloves warm blankets and toiletries.

Patrick will be leading a team to take the donated items direct to the villagers in January 2019.

The real story of Jana's situation.

Mother of six children,Jana is a single mother with no job.She is receiving 188 euros a month.She is not able to live with this amount of money a month. they are living in a ghetto separated from the majority of people ,alone with no parents or relatives.it is very hard to live in this type of poverty. Every month she has to ask people to lend her some money for food then when she gets her money she has to give it back again and has to borrow again and again.Summer time is the best time for her and her family.early in the morning they go into the forest to collect mushrooms then she makes soup for the children.they hate the winter because of the freezing winter conditions in the shack they live in.

Last winter,Jana sent her sons,who are of school age, to the forest to collect wood for the fire .the police found them and when they asked the boys why they were not in school they got upset because they knew their mother would be sent to prison for 6 months for not sending them to school.

Most of the Slovakian Roma people live life in this poverty and segregation from others.They know what it is to be hungry,literally for days,

This is the life for Roma people in Slovakia. There.There are hundreds of families in this situation in ghettos all over Slovakia.

Ways you can help us

We need donations of clothing both childrens and adults,as well as hats,gloves and shoes.we also need toiletries and warm blankets.we are happy to collect anything you can donate.

Donations to our mission can be made via the paypal link on our page or via text.

please contact us for more information and to make donations on 07830855544.Thank you.